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Choosing a Solar Installation Company for Your Needs

If you like to switch to solar, it is always essential to find a solar installation company you can trust. Doing it yourself is not recommended in this kind of project. It is very essential to find a reliable contractor who can install your system right. Get some help from Blue Raven solar.

How to Find a Professional Solar Installer

The first thing to search for an installer is customized services to meet your specific needs and requirements. When talking to an installer, make sure to ask as many questions as you can. Your questions should first focus on their experience. Ask the installers if they had several projects in your area. It is ideal to hire a local installer since they have a better knowledge on your climate, as well as your electrical and building codes. These local installers have sure strong relationships with local inspectors and permitting offices. This helps lessen the chances of experiencing delays.

You just don't find a local company here, you must find installers who are both bonded and licensed. Make sure that everyone on the team has enough experience in solar system installation. This is very essential as you don't want anyone to make mistakes in the job which might cost you a lot. A licensed installers has sure enough knowledge and training to perform the job well.

Know about the equipment they are going to use. Never believe a company that a certain brand is good than the others. Take note that each brand and solar is unique. What you need to know is if the panel can withstand extreme weather conditions, solar panel efficiency, and degradation rates.

Good solar panel installers know that every home is unique. So in order to give you the best services, they must consider your house and the surroundings around. Some of the things they need to check is the contour of the roof, amount of sunlight in your surroundings, and your preferred aesthetics. While the efficiency of the panel is relevant to you, it is also essential to look into the appeal. All these things should be carefully examined by the installer so they will know what equipment to use for the installation.

Finally, ask the installers for the warranty of their services. A company who confident about their work will sure give you a warranty. The warranty should cover the whole system. If the installer doesn't come with a warranty, then that can be a sign to search for another company. Click here for more info.

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